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Your Soul Journey

Are you on the right path? Are you making progress and living with joy?

Manifest with Your Soul

Do you manifest what you want? Are you manifesting the right thing easy?

Marketing with Your Soul

Is your marketing effortless for you? Do you get the results you hope for?

Your Business / Your Soul

Is your business growing and bringing you joy? Are you designing the right offers?
Helping You Find Success With Personalized Akashic Records Programs

Feel Like It’s Time to Make a Change in Your Life, But Can’t Seem to Find a Way?

The Akashic Records provide the information you need to gain clarity so you can take action that will bring you more joy and results.

What are the Akashic Records?

What are the Akashic Records?

The Akashic Records are an energetic record and imprint in the quantum field of the choices you have made and experiences you have had in the different lives you have lived.

How can the Akashic Records help me?

They can be used to retrieve information to give you clarity on your soul journey and to heal energetic blocks. The information can be relevant to any aspect of your life, from relationships to health to career, money, and business.

How can I use the Akashic Records?

You can use intuitive information in a logical and strategic way to achieve the intentions and results that you want. I show you how.

How are the Akashic Records accessed?

The records are accessed using your information and this information is never shared with anyone.

How Do I know If the Akashic Records Program is Right For Me?

Everyone has an Akashic Record. Whether you’ve heard of them before or not, the information is available for you to access.

Will the Akashic Records work for me?
Absolutely. Everyone has an Akashic Record and if you are being called to this work, that means your record is available for reading.
How can the information help me?
If you are feeling a lack of clarity, or have some negative patterns that you are dealing but are not sure exactly what to do. The Akashic Records can help with this and much more.
I receive readings but then don't know what to do with the information. Do you help with this?
Most definitely. A critical part of the program is implementation and support. I’m committed to not just sharing this information but showing you HOW you can put it to use in your life.
How is this like a tarot reading?
A tarot reading usually provides short-term information and is situation driven. Although those type of readings can also be done using the Akashic Records, I specialize on doing readings that help you on your soul journey.
How is this like a physic reading?
Like the tarot reading, the psychic reading is situational and short-term. A psychic reading could also be reading your present energy. Although an Akashic Records reading does involve using psychic skills, not all psychic readings utilize the Akashic Records.
How do you access my information?
I use your own personal information to retrieve your information. I cannot and will not retrieve information if you have not provided express permission. I also ask for your intention for the reading so that I can demonstrate how you can implement your soul level information to your life.
How do I receive the information?
I do the reading at a distance. (There’s no sense in you watching me do the reading. It’s not very exciting.) Then we hop on Zoom and I deliver the reading. You are welcome to take notes and ask questions. I do record the session and then send you an MP3 of the sesion.

My Approach

Not all action brings the results desired. I learned this the hard way.

After struggling in my life, not knowing why nothing seemed to be working out. Not in my personal life, not in my career, not in my business.

I was at a loss especially after being able to easily create the life I wanted.

It wasn’t until I started working with the Akashic Records and learning HOW to implement the information into my daily life that things started to change. I started to see results.

Now I travel into the records, retrieve information to help you learn and gain clarity about the type of life your soul wants to experience.

Knowing this makes taking the right action easier.

Find out to see if my method is right for you by scheduling a chat using the button below.

How It Works

Schedule a Free 1:1

We can hop on the phone and talk about what your goals are and what difficulties you may be experiencing. You can find out more about the records and learn the type of program or programs that may be right for you.


Choose a Program

You can choose from any of the programs listed below. You can mix & match the programs. Add additional coaching sessions to help with implementation. Program bundles are also offered if you want to focus on multiple issues.

Reach Your Goals

Knowing your soul level information is critical especially if you’ve stalled in your personal, spiritual, or business growth. This information can help you achieve clarity so you can more easily decide where to focus your energy.

Connect and Align with Your Soul Program

The Connect & Align with Your Soul Program gives you the tools so you can work with your soul level information at different dimensions. When we KNOW who we are, at soul-level, we can begin making choices and taking action that aligns with our original divine nature so we can create the life that our soul intended.

More Details

This program includes:

Your Original Soul Blueprint and Soul Gifts    

This will help you understand how your soul wants to experience its divine nature in this lifetime.

100-minute Distance Reading 

I will conduct a reading of your overall soul profile including blocks and restrictions most in the way of achieving your current intentions.

1hr Session via Zoom 

In a one-on-one meeting, I will explain your soul profile and how you can best align with your original gifts. In this meeting, I explain the blocks and restrictions that were cleared and how you can further support the clearing work.

Customized Akashic Records Clearing of your limiting blocks and restrictions.    

A clearing of your limiting blocks and restrictions. Explanation of the clearing work you can do to further support and integrate the clearing.

Live Questions Answered

Each session is conducted on a conference line which you can access via the telephone or computer wherever you are.

Personalized Clearing Work

Personalized written clearing homework emailed as a followup so you can integrate and solidify the clearing of the blocks and restrictions.

Integration Resources

Receive a complimentary MP3 recording of the call so you can return to the reading at your convenience.

Integration Support

Email support for 21 days after your one-on-one so you can ask questions as you integrate the soul blueprint information and your clearing.


7 Sacred Qualities for Manifestation Program

Don’t waste years, money, and energy testing other people’s manifestation methods that are a one-size fits all. You SOUL is Unique and so is your manifesting method. This program helps you to understand your Sacred Soul Qualities. They represent your unique method guiding HOW you experience your individual Divine Nature.

More Details

This program includes:

Your 7SSQ Blueprint

This will help you understand how you best create and manifest in and into the physical dimension.

Alignment Check

Guidance as to what areas of your life you may be misaligned and how to correct the misalignment.

Implementation Session

A session to create a strategic and implementation plan for one or two intentions you want to manifest.

Implementation Plan

The 7SSQ provide specific concrete and logical techniques to help you take action and create in ways that are congruent with your soul.

Live Questions Answered

Each session is conducted on a conference line which you can access via the telephone or computer wherever you are.

Integration Resources

You will receive a link to download a recording of your Reading which you can keep for reference.  

Marketing with Your Soul

Use your soul blueprint information to design a marketing plan that is aligned with your soul so your marketing can be effortless.


Building a Soul Aligned Business

Use your soul blueprint information to review your business marketing, sales, systems, tools, and partnerships for soul alignment. Develop a strategic plan to bring those areas which may be misaligned back into alignment.


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