We take care of the tech and sprinkle in some magic.


Templates include a choice of layouts, colors, and fonts.

Choose the template that most resonates with your business. All elements can be used “out-of-the-box” or can be customized.

Home Page

The Home Page includes a space for your tag line, text about your business, and opt-in boxes to capture your visitor emails.

Modules Home

This page allows you to provide a listing of your services with buttons for more information.

Handout Downloads

Create a landing page for your free offering. This page includes an opt-in box to capture your visitor emails.

Thank You Page

The Thank you page is ready to connect to your opt-in boxes and guides your visitor to check their email to confirm their subscription.

Terms of Service Page

Let your visitors know the Terms of Use of your website. Basic content is available and you can customize it whenever you are ready.

Members Area

Connect with your visitors and tell them something about yourself. The template includes a guide to help you write the copy.


Start communicating with your audience with a choice between two blog page layouts.

Contact Us Page

This page allows your visitor to easily contact you without leaving your website. They can send inquires directly into your inbox.

Sales Page

This page includes the different components recommended in a sales page. Keep as many of them as you want. Easily delete the rest.

Terms of Service Page

Let your visitors know the Terms of Use of your website. Basic content is available and you can customize it whenever you are ready.


Special software is installed to make your site more robust and easier to use.

Extra essential plugins are automatically installed to help you easily accept payment, increase your SEO, duplicate pages, and much more.

E-Commerce Plug-in

Accept payment directly on your site, create invoices, automatically send invoices, track delivery of product, and deliver product all from the website.

Facebook Pixel

Easily install the code needed to advertise on Facebook. No guessing. No wondering if you did it right.

Protection from Hackers

Protect your website, your content, and your login information from hackers. Automatically disable login if hacking attempts are detected.

Duplicate Content

Easily duplicate your pages and products so you can save time and energy. Change only the specific details.

Search Worthy

Make it easier for your visitors to find you by quickly including keywords and key phrases.

Stats and Reach

Gather statistics and basic analytical tools for marketing purposes.

Tech & Energetic

I sprinkle in 3D and 5D magic to help you do the work.

I know technology can bring in our issues around our skills with technology. I provide technical and energetic support to help you work on and launch your website.

Video Tutorials

Video tutorials will walk you through each step of the process–from creating your hosting account, if you don’t have one, to offering your first webinar.

Clear Your Energy

Each section will include an audio to help you clear your energy as you work on the pages. Each audio will clear the general and specific energies associated with each of the pages.

Community Support

You’ll have access to a private Facebook group in which you will be able to ask questions and receive special training, software updates, and exciting bonuses.

Add Your Magic

When you are ready to publish, I will guide you through a practice to encode your text, your images, your videos with your intention.

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