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Personal Akashic Records Coaching

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Your Soul Journey

Are you on the right path? Are you making progress and living with joy?

Manifest with Your Soul

Do you manifest what you want? Are you manifesting the right thing easily?

Marketing with Your Soul

Is your marketing effortless for you? Do you get the results you hope for?

Your Business / Your Soul

Is your business growing and bringing you joy? Are you designing the right offers?

What Is Akashic Records Coaching?

Akashic Records Coaching has three components to create the AHA METHOD of coaching. The first component helps you achieve AWARENESS by retrieving YOUR soul level information so you can use it as a blueprint to create soul-driven and soul-aligned action. The second component focuses on HEALING energetic blocks which are holding you back from achieving your goals. The third component focuses on guiding you to take aligned ACTION in order to more easily reach your goals.

Who Is Akashic Records Coaching For?

The AHA METHOD of coaching with the Akashic Records is for anyone looking for coaching which is soul-driven and which gives you the spiritual tools to integrate and strategically implement your soul blueprint.  Shorter coaching programs focus on AWARENESS and HEALING.  These are perfect for you if you are able to take ACTION on your own. Longer coaching programs offer the strategy and implementation support so you can take and learn to integrate soul-aligned ACTION in your life.

What is The Process Like?

Akashic Records Coaching and the AHA Method include both distance HEALING and distance readings. The coaching calls are designed to help you develop AWARENESS of where you are misaligned. Coaching also helps with strategy regarding taking soul-aligned ACTION

1. Soul Blueprint Reading

The first step is a reading to clarify your soul gifts and other details about soul blueprint. This is how your soul is designed to express so knowing this information is critical. No more trial and error.

2. Your Spiritual Helpers

The second part of your soul-level reading determines the spiritual helpers and allies that you currently have available to help you on your soul journey.

3. Clearing blocks, both present and past life.

Based on your intentions, the blocks that are in the way of you achieving your personal and business goals are cleared in the Akashic Records. You receive a 21-day clearing protocol so you can integrate the clearing.

4. Strategy, Implementation, and Integration.

Akashic Records information is only useful if you learn to integrate it into your daily decision, creative, and manifesting process. The coaching allows you to integrate and embody the information using strategy for continuous implementation.

5. Support and Accountability.

Longer coaching programs give you the benefit of longer-term support and accountability. You can focus on multiple intentions in your personal and/or your business. The support includes an energetic clearing as needed to make your journey easier.

Akashic Records Coaching Packages

Connect and Align with Your Soul Program

The Connect & Align with Your Soul Program gives you the tools so you can work with your soul level information at different dimensions. 

More Details

When we KNOW who we are, at soul-level, we can begin making choices and taking action that aligns with our original divine nature so we can create the life that our soul intended.


7 Sacred Qualities for Manifestation Program

This program helps you to understand your unique manifesting method guiding HOW you create in your life.

More Details

Don’t waste years, money, and energy testing other people’s manifestation methods that are a one-size fits all.You SOUL is Unique and so is your manifesting method. This program helps you to understand your Sacred Soul Qualities. They represent your unique method guiding HOW you experience your individual Divine Nature.


Building a Soul Aligned Business

Use your soul blueprint information to review your business marketing, sales, systems, tools, and partnerships for soul alignment. 

More Details

Develop a strategic plan to bring those areas which may be misaligned back into alignment.


About Me

One who uses Spiritual Technologies for self-improvement and growth.

I know how important it is to define our own sense of identity. Part of spiritual development is recognizing when we are living by own values or by those which have been given to us by others.

I’ve been searching to find the “right” word for myself, a word that I felt like it “fit” what I was doing. Before this search, I took definitions created by others.

What I found, though, was that the word for what I do did not exist.

So I made one up! That is why I call myself a Spiritual Techpreneur. 

After having a session with Janie, one of my long standing issues cleared immediately. She was able to work her magic while in my Akashic Records and give me a game plan to continue the work on my own. She is compassionate, wise, and extremely tuned in. I highly recommend working with her, she has truly helped to clear my path so that I could move forward more brilliantly and with more ease, and I’m certain she will help you clear the way as well!
Mary Ann Candito| Spiritual Mentor

Janie is an amazing coach. She has a wealth of information on all things technical at the same time being a highly attuned and spiritually awake person. This made her so incredibly capable and ideally suited to understand what I was trying to convey and bring out in my online classes. She helped me define my vision of what my online classes were going to cover, taking it from a vision in my head to an actual product on the screen. Working with Janie Santoy is a great experience.

Susanne Andersen Szippl | Artist, Teacher, Shamanic Practitioner


In my Business Akashic Records reading with Janie, I received information to group together different aspects of my business that I had been thinking about – in a way I hadn’t thought of before – that made complete sense. Janie was able to narrow things down with questions in the Akashic Records, and then arriving at that magical next step. That was awesome. Now I feel much more relaxed and confident about my business direction now that I know the next step to take. I am so happy to have been a recipient of the magic Janie weaves.
Cathy Wieden | Positive Beauty

“You guys are so great at what you do. I definitely will recommend your awesome services to everyone.”
Renee Raquet DiDomenico | Magickal Mentor, Renee Raquet

Janie’s brilliant, knowledgeable and cares very deeply about helping her clients in every way possible. She knows how to help people overcome the intimidation factor inherent in learning new things, and she’s able to help bring out the best in everyone she works with. Learning about my Akashic records has been an amazing gift to me — giving me ways to learn and grow that I didn’t know anything about before. I have changed and grown in ways I could never have anticipated and I’m successfully moving my business in directions I never expected when I first started my journey. I am so happy and blessed!

Janie’s ability to mesh 5D intuitive guidance and information with our 3D world is the perfect skill set to maximize the benefit for anyone’s business.

Margie Z. Taylor | Shamanic Practitioner, Willow Horse Run

Don’t Wait Any Longer. Start Forging Your Own Path Today!

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What is a Spiritual Techpreneur

What do you call yourself professionally? Do you have a title? Are you a coach, reiki healer, tarot reader....? I've called myself a teacher, professor, coach, EFT practitioner, Akashic Records practitioner, success coach, soul alignment coach...and the list goes on....

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