Janie Santoy

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 Helping you channel your full potential

on your Soul Journey

Hi, I’m Janie!  I  use the AHA Coaching Method to help creative and spiritually conscious women live a soul-aligned life and build soul-aligned careers or businesses.

My Story

You want to change the world and live your soul purpose.

My life is has been driven by a desire to find the best tools to create a life I love.

I began by focusing on the technology of language and writing. I was an educator for 25 years and taught about the power of the word to create the world around us.

I started my spiritual journey 15 years ago. My path has led me to learn many different spiritual technologies including Reiki, EFT, energy clearing, shamanic healing, divination, magic and spell work, and akashic records work.

I used the spiritual technologies for my own growth and development. I have integrated all these modalities to develop the AHA Coaching Method which integrates AWARENESSHEALING, and ACTION.

I use the Akashic Records to help my clients gain AWARENESS of their soul gifts which allow them to live their soul purpose. I also use different modalities to help clients HEAL and overcome the blocks getting in the way of achieving their goals.

I also help clients develop strategy and implementation plans to take action which is aligned with their soul blueprint and support them along the way.


My Values & Beliefs

Awareness is the Missing Key


Healing Speeds the Manifestation Process


Soul-Aligned Action is the Answer to Abundance and Joy


My Approach

Not all action brings the results desired. I learned this the hard way.

After struggling in my life, not knowing why nothing seemed to be working out. Not in my personal life, not in my career, not in my business.

I was at a loss especially after being able to easily create the life I wanted.

It wasn’t until I started working with the Akashic Records and learning HOW to implement the information into my daily life that things started to change. I started to see results.

Now I travel into the records, retrieve information to help you learn and gain clarity about the type of life your soul wants to experience.

Knowing this makes taking the right action easier.

Find out to see if my method is right for you by scheduling a chat using the button below.

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